System Change online course

Welcome to the System Change online course of the Ashoka European Fellowship experience! Every week you will find on this page a set of videos providing you with theoretical background and practical exercises to refine your system change strategy. After you have watched the videos and attempted the weekly exercises, we will meet online every Friday for a one-hour videocall to discuss your challenges and opportunities with all the other participants: Ashoka Fellows, ASNs, Ashoka staff, partners, change leaders in education, social entrepreneurs participating in other Ashoka acceleration programs.

Before we start, please know that for the moment we would like to keep this content accessible just to the participants in this course. Please don't share the login details with anyone without asking Ashoka staff first.



Week 1: Introduction to System Change & Root Cause Analysis

This week we will give you an introduction to system change and we will already start deep diving into the root causes behind the social issue you are trying to tackle.


This is the introductory video to this course. We will give you a little bit of context on the course and go throught the calendar of the next few weeks together.


We will introduce you in this video to the key concepts of system change and how they link together in our methodology.


In this session we deep dive into your problem analysis and use a tool called The Problem Tree.





This week's extra resources list:



Week 2: Find your Targeted System Change

This week we will work towards clarifying the system change you and your team would like to achieve.


In this video you will clarify your targeted system change by using a tool called the 5R framework.





This week's extra resources list:



Week 3: Map your System Change Journey

This week we will use the System Change Journey tool to map the process and write the story towards your targeted system change.


In this video we present the System Change Journey tool, to create the story of the process towards your Targeted System Change.




Week 4: Tools and Delivery Models

This week we move from a system to an organisational perspective and enter your work, your programs, products and services into the picture. In other words, this week we will ask ourselves the question: how do I help achieve the milestones of the system change journey? 


In this video we will present you with different tools and delivery models that can strengthen and add to your implementation strategy for each milestone.





Week 5: Partnerships

This week we will wrap up the last part of our main strategy development process. After having distilled the types of changes you want to see in the world through the first steps of this process, we are now completing the approaches you and your organisation can use to help bring about these changes.


In this video we talk about the third and last piece of the approaches to system change: partnerships.




This week's extra resources list:



Week 6: Weaving the change

While the structure and design of our collaboration models is essential, there is another factor that is important to consider: what kind of leadership is needed for system change and collaboration?


In this week's video we would like to reflect together on what kind of New Leadership you and your team need to practice for system change.




Week 7: Funding System Change & Measuring social impact

This week we will take a step back and look at two important topics that you will have to deal with once your strategy is in place: funding and impact measurement.


In this video Odin Mühlenbein will speak about funding system change and measuring system change.


This week's extra resources list:

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