Social change is a marathon – not a sprint. The dangers of overstretching personal and team resources along this challenging path are very real, especially for changemakers who give so much of themselves, often limiting them in how far they can go. Managing personal and team resources well is therefore key to unlocking their long-term potential and to building a resilient foundation that can fully support the weight of social change work as well as individual needs.

This is the place to develop a deeper understanding of wellbeing needs for yourself and your teams, to acquire practical tools to manage wellbeing, to explore these in safe spaces, and to build a trusted community of peers for mutual learning and support. Depending on availability, Ashoka Fellows can also access further support through Ashoka’s pro bono coaching partners.



Apply to the 2020 edition of this Module

(only open to Ashoka Fellows and Ashoka Staff):




Ashoka Community Wellbeing Retreat

We are delighted to invite you to the first Ashoka Community Wellbeing Retreat at the beginning of the new year!

Wellbeing helps us run the marathon of systems change and to be the best versions of ourselves – self-aware, open, collaborative change leaders.

At the beginning of the new year, when we tend to look ahead and set our goals and resolutions, we invite 25 Ashoka Fellows and Fellowship staff to kick off the year together, surface and reflect on our individual and shared ambitions for the year, and learn together how to place and maintain wellbeing at their heart.​

Join us to together set the foundations for a year of clear goals, a strong community, and being well! 


The offer: (Update on dates!)

A 2-day retreat on wellbeing and change leadership from Thursday January 30, 6pm (arrivals from 3pm) - Saturday Feburary 1, 5pm (some flexibility depending on return flights), 2020 in Bucharest, Romania – to launch the year with a shared reflection and focus on how to be well in 2020.

This will also be the in-person launch event for participants of the system change online course (optional). ​


Who can apply:

This retreat is only open to Ashoka Fellows & Ashoka Fellowship Staff.


Why you should apply:

- To take a step back and understand how wellbeing impacts your capacity as a change leader

- To explore tools and frameworks for how to navigate through the challenge of caring for your own wellbeing

- To set and refine your personal goals for 2020 with practices and habits of wellbeing, resilience and self-care at their heart

- To connect with a trusted peer communtiy for shared learning, support, encouragement, and connection



Participation is free for Ashoka Fellows. Travel costs for the offline workshops are not covered.*

*In case you require a travel stipend to participate please indicate in the registration. We have limited travel stipends for Fellows in need, so please evaluate and request a stipend if financial reasons hinder your participation.




Ashoka Elders Retreat

Embracing Eldership – Sharing and Supporting our Stories of Transition, Provision, Celebration, and Changemaking.

This retreat took place on the 18 - 20th September 2019 at thecamp in the south of France, where we created a space for 10 Fellows from Europe and the US to reflect on and explore the challenges and opportunities that come with Eldership.

Especially as Social Entrepreneurs, having dedicated much of their life to their work and to supporting others, it can be difficult to transition personally and organisationally, and to provision for the time afterwards. The Fellows shared such challenges, as well as reflections on their successes to celebrate the amazing journey they have been on. In addition, the group explored how else they might be able to contribute and continue their changemaking journeys. This exploration culminated in the Elder Fellows forming an Elders Council, pledging to represent and support Fellows in transition around the world. A working group was put together to fully establish the council by 2020.

The conversation and wish for such a gathering started in early 2018 with four Fellows Andrea Coleman, Chris Underhill, Mel Young, and Andreas Heinecke as well as wellbeing expert Nancy Mortifee who together made all of this possible. Thank you also to Steelcase who generously sponsored all the meals, accommodation, and the beautiful venue.

Click for an executive summary of the initiative and please contact us (frutsch@ashoka.org) if you would like to be involved or want to learn more.


Elders Council Signing.jpeg

The Elders after signing a declaration to establish an Elders Council in support of Fellows in transition around the world.


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