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Wellbeing Changemaker Hub

Ashoka creates nurturing opportunities for Fellows to connect and grow in order to bring about positive transformation in their lives and their work. We want to set a new standard that includes wellbeing in any definition of leadership and social impact.

The success of an intervention depends on the interior conditions of the intervenor  (Bill O'Brien)

What is this experience all about? 

Wellbeing is an essential ingredient to any social change approach that sees everyone as a changemaker. It influences the way we approach our systems change work, our leadership, and our collaborations. For this reason, this year, we will pause the global (virtual) Wellbeing Lab offering and instead focus on ensuring that wellbeing is a strategy, an experience, and a support ecosystem that is integrated across Ashoka.  

As a continued collaboration with Global Learning & Development, we will focus on the following experiences and activities:

1. We will launch a Wellbeing Changemakers Hub which will include: 

  • A series of sessions open to Ashoka staff and wellbeing co-creators focused on (I) sharing our learnings on the key frames for Wellbeing & Changemaking to build on and refine as an Ashoka community (ii) sharing insights and design principles for how to integrate wellbeing into ALL aspects of our work.
  • Build a community of Wellbeing Champions of Ashoka staff and wellbeing co-creators to (I) explore the future of wellbeing in our network and applying the insights directly to local or program related cases & (ii) sharing examples, resources and support for integrating peer community wellbeing spaces.

2. Our goal is to build local and regional ecosystems of support with a focus on wellbeing by strengthening a trusted community of peers and a global network of partners. Our intention is to develop a deeper awareness of the wellbeing needs for our core community and (i) set up a network of probono partners in Europe as well as (ii) help other regions and local communities to set up their own ecosystem of wellbeing support for changemakers.

We will also start by focusing our efforts on building a European network of probono partners that support in wellbeing. If YOU are interested in being part of this network or know someone that could be a perfect fit, do not hesitate to let us know by filling in this form (coming soon).

Module Timeline

January-April 2023 | 4 online sessions of 2 hours every month 

Dates: January 26th, February 23rd, March 23rd, April 20th

Time: 2 pm CET | 8 am EDT

Who Can Apply?

The experience is designed for Ashoka staff & wellbeing co-creators. Wellbeing co-creators are Ashoka Fellows or other actors that foster wellbeing in the ecosystem and are co-creating and delivering wellbeing offers to the community.

Why should you apply?

Join the Wellbeing Changemakers Hub if you see the value in or are interested to explore how to bring and integrate wellbeing into your work, strategy, and community initiatives.  

Join the online sessions and..

  • Deep dive into the narrative and key frames around wellbeing & changemaking, why it is essential to advance and co-create a world where everyone is a changemaker and why it is essential to our systems change, leadership, and collaboration approach. 
  • Help us refine, expand and build on the narrative we have learned so far so that it can represent Ashoka’s community experience 
  • Acquire knowledge of existing resources, tools, and practices that you can use to host or integrate wellbeing spaces and learn about design principles to put them into action, 
  • Get inspired by the experience and examples of your peers about the importance of wellbeing and how it can be integrated into all aspects of your work. 
  • Explore with us and other members of our community the future of wellbeing in our network, get the support and the inspiration to share back, and integrate the learnings and insights to your team, program, or community. 
  • Be part of a peer learning space where you can share your learnings and experience and contribute to the overall experience of the group. 

Meet the Module Leads

If you have questions before applications, or are interested to collaborate and co-create please reach out to Ada.


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