"There is not just one highlight! The whole retreat gave me so much energy, inspiration and motivation to work for Ashoka, to be a changemaker and to be a better and more open person."
(Feedback from Fellow who participated in the Wellbeing retreat in January 2020)

Registrations are closed for 2020 Wellbeing module!

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What is this module about? 

Social change is a marathon – not a sprint. The dangers of overstretching personal and team resources along this challenging path are very real, especially for changemakers who give so much of themselves, often limiting them in how far they can go. Managing personal and team resources well is therefore key to unlocking their long-term potential and to building a resilient foundation that can fully support the weight of social change work as well as individual needs.

This is the place to develop a deeper understanding of wellbeing needs for yourself and your teams, to acquire practical tools to manage wellbeing, to explore these in safe spaces, and to build a trusted community of peers for mutual learning and support. Depending on availability, Ashoka Fellows can also access further support through Ashoka’s pro bono coaching partners access further support through Ashoka’s pro bono coaching partners.

We offer two formats within this module (you can apply separately): 

  1. The Wellbeing Lab 
  2. Peer Coaching Circles

The conditions of participation, costs and benefits for participants (see below) apply to both offers.

1. The Wellbeing Lab

We are adapting last year’s wellbeing retreat into a virtual series of 8 topical or practical conversations on the relationship between wellbeing and leadership for social change. Each session will be co-facilitated with a wellness expert in the field or an Ashoka Fellow with personal and field experience in wellbeing to help us deepen our wellbeing journeys together.  

This series is best experienced as a journey to support Fellows and other Change Leaders in deepening their exploration and commitment to their wellbeing, inner work and resilience as social change leaders. 

“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.” Bill O’Brien

Dates: 8 sessions and 4 optional coaching circles from October 15th 

Time: Wellbeing Lab (always from 2:00 pm CET – 4:00 pm CET)


Session 1: Oct 15- Wellbeing & System Change: Why your wellbeing affects your system change work (with Ashoka Fellow Catalina CockDuque, Luzette Jaimes & Michela Fenech)  (Mandatory)

Session 2: Oct 29- Stress, anxiety and resilience: Building wellbeing during times of hardship (with Integral Coach Julie Engel)

Session 3: Nov 12- Enhancing Your Emotional Wellbeing - Practices that grow your capacity to identify, be with and regulate your emotions (with Ashoka Fellow Sharon Terry) 

Session 4: Nov 26- Creativity to the rescue - How it can boost your wellbeing? (with Ashoka Fellow Vishal Talreja and his partner in work and life Suchetha Talreja)

Session 5: Dec 10- Mindsets & Storytelling – Changing our stories of self and others for personal transformation (with facilitator Giles Barrow)

Session 6: Jan 14- Changemakers and Money – How we think about money, determines our financial reality (with Ashoka Fellow Lucas Simons)

Session 7: Jan 28- Building Healthy and Happy Relationships - How couple's work can deeply enhance your relationships and wellbeing (with Jason & Caroline Berhandt-Lanier)

Session 8: Feb 11- Healing Trauma & Healing Systems - the inner work of system change (Guest TBC)

The Wellbeing Lab was developed in partnership with Consciousness Coalition, founded by Ashoka staff and Ashoka Fellows.

2. Peer Coaching Circles

A virtual circle of trust where Ashoka Fellows can come together to reflect, share, listen, and support each other through personal and professional growth. Peer Coaching Circles are based on the Tendrel forum as well as the Theory U Coaching Circles methodology.

These are virtual trusted spaces between a group of 4-8 Ashoka Fellows that can be organized as local, regional or European circles – depending on preference and language needs. Each Peer Coaching Circle is a 90-minute session where at least one member has chance to share a personal or professional challenge with their peers.

“Leadership can be lonely. Walking with friends who understand & experience the passion, pain & promise of social enterpreneurship has been a deep wall of strength & encouragement.” Andrew Bastawrous, Ashoka Fellow & Tendrel member from the UK

Minimum Engagement Requirements:

  • Sign up for a facilitated trial experience with your group to learn the format and power of a peer coaching circle
  • Commit to 4 to 8 monthly virtual sessions (as many as are needed for each member to share their challenge).
  • Decide as a group whether you would want to continue the circles or not.
  • Share feedback with us so that we can continue to improve this offer.

Conditions of participation for both Wellbeing offers: 

Who can apply:

  • Ashoka Fellows and/or their team members (every person has to apply individually through the form above) | Join for free
  • Ashoka Staff | Join for free
Wellbeing Retreat (2).jpeg

Why you should apply:

This is for you, if... 

  • … you feel the need to re-connect with yourself and your passion & purpose
  • … you feel the need to develop practices for self-care, resilience & self-sustainability.
  • … you are feeling in/almost in a place of burnout, exhaustion and anxiety. 
  • … you feel the need to address patterns that keep you stuck
  • … you feel the need to develop practices and awareness that helps you prevent burnout. 
  • …you deeply care about Wellbeing in the Ashoka Fellowship community and want to develop practices and awareness to support yourself and others with being well while having a positive impact on the world. 


The program is open and participation is free for all Ashoka Fellows and/ or their team members and Ashoka staff.

Meet the module leads: 


Michela Fenech co-created and co-leads the Ashoka Europe Fellowship program including the New Leadership & Wellbeing Co-Learning Modules and co-facilitated the development of the newly established Elders Council for Social Entrepreneurs. She is also a Product, Program and Partnership Lead for the Ashoka Globalizer Program, Ashoka's leading accelerator for system change strategies. Michela is interested in creating learning spaces that explore and support questions on the leadership and wellbeing for system change and collective impact.


florian circle b&w

Florian Rutsch co-created and co-leads the Ashoka Europe Fellowship program including its co-learning modules on system change, new leadership, and wellbeing as well as its ecosystem initiatives on funding and support for systems change. He co-published the report Embracing Complexity: Towards a shared understanding of funding systems change which is a collaboration among several leading sector partners and based on, among others, his previous report Seven Steps for Funding System Change. He is a co-creator of Catalyst 2030 and the Elders Council as well as a thought partner in the Ashoka Globalizer, Ashoka's leading accelerator for system change strategies.

Meet the Wellbeing Co-Creator! 

Luzette Circle.jpg


Luzette Jaimes is an integral coach, a whole systems scientist and facilitator of transformational learning journeys. Being the founder of Alive & Thriving LLC, and co-founder of the Weaving Lab, the Consciousness Coalition (CoCo Labs) and the Learning & Development initiative at Ashoka, Luzette has deep experience in working with changemakers (individuals and groups), in the areas of human development, well-being, resilience, leadership development and organizational development.


Untitled design.png

Ada Andreoni is Project Manager at the Ashoka Europe Fellowship program where she supports the coordination of the Systems Change and Wellbeing modules. She is also Partnerships Manager at Ashoka Spain. Ada has a multicultural academic background in Social Sciences and a master’s degree in Local Development at the University of Padua. She is passionate about bottom-up approaches and the power of collective action and innovative ideas. Since she joined Ashoka in 2019, she has been dedicated to deepening her knowledge and expertise on systems change to support social entrepreneurs to scale their impact and achieve systemic change in their field.


If you have questions before applications, or are interested to collaborate and co-create please reach out to Michela or Florian.  

Wellbeing Retreat (17).JPG
Wellbeing Retreat (38).JPG

Photos from the last Wellbeing Retreat ​in Bucharest, January 2020. 

"The facilitators managed to create a safe space in order for everyone to share and be open. That was very impressive!"
(Feedback from Fellow who participated in the Wellbeing retreat in January 2020)

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