Replication & Transfer

“The replication module has been a true "Eureka effect" that not only led to a complete rethinking of our development strategy but also allowed us to align our team on our major objectives for the next few years. Thank you all for your help in this troubled time.”

Replication & Transfer module participant

What is this experience all about?

This online co-learning journey is all about the process of replicating and transferring solutions of social enterprises to new regions and countries. Our team has been working with close to 100 social entrepreneurs to support them in developing a solid replication & transfer strategy and model. Together with experienced Ashoka Fellows, experts and coaches we will guide you through this strategic process. 

A replication & transfer model comprises a rationale (WHY), a replicable solution (WHAT), a method to replicate your solution (HOW), your partner profile and partnership journey (WHO), an assessment of new regions and countries (WHERE), and a strategy for introducing your solution to a new context (and adapting it). 

Furthermore, the module will explore how replication strategies connect to system change strategies and how they can be designed with an "Everyone A Changemaker" vision in mind. 

Module Timeline

Online Introduction Session: March 8, 2023 (2 hours, 2 pm-4 pm CET)  

We will present and discuss the basics of replication. In smaller groups we will discuss the pros/cons of specific replication strategies.  

Online Case Clinic: March 22, 2023 (2 hours, 2 pm-4 pm CET)   

We invited two Ashoka Fellows to share their scaling journey so far. We will deep-dive into their models to understand what it takes to design and implement a replication model. 

Online Workshop: April 5, 2023 (2 hours, 2 pm-4 pm CET)   

Based on common challenges we will work in smaller groups and exchange in the plenary. The groups will be hosted by affiliated experts. We will discuss challenges such as managing replication networks, setting up internal structures for replication, working with cities/municipalities, etc.  

Online Peer-To-Peer Session: April 19, 2023 (3 hours, 2pm-5 pm CET, with individual 1h slots for participants) 

We will match you in pairs to give you the opportunity to get feedback by peers on your current thinking about replication. Optionally, you can also join other peer-to-peer sessions as an observer.  

Presentation and Feedback Session: May 10, 2023 (2 hours, 2 pm-4 pm CET) 

We will provide selected participants with the opportunity to pitch their replication models. We will invite partners and stakeholders from the Ashoka Community who provide feedback and may even offer support.  

Who can apply?

  • Ashoka Fellow  
  • Ashoka Fellow Organization Staff Member 
  • Corporate or Institutional Partner of Ashoka  
  • Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership 
  • Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member 
  • Ashoka Staff 

Why you should apply?

This module will help you and your team to make more strategic decisions about the way you replicate your model. We aim to find the replication model that best fits your impact and business model as well as your organizational culture. The module will provide you with fresh perspectives on your current or future replication strategies. It aims to increase a team’s capacity to design, adapt and implement replication strategies. 

Meet the Module Lead


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