Hybrid Social Finance

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This module empowers funders & social entrepreneurs to develop social funding approaches and structure investment deals for world-changing ideas!

“Literally one of the most useful tools I have come across as a social entrepreneur!” (Ashoka Fellow on the Social Investment Toolkit)

Apply to the Hybrid Social Finance Workshops of the 2020 / 2021 edition of this Module:

What is this module about? 

To scale up their impact, change leaders require access to affordable finance. They must learn how to navigate hybrid financing approaches in order to unlock untapped sources of funding. 

During our long experience working with change leaders, we have observed both their challenges and their success stories when it comes to raising social finance. We want to share with you all our best insights and learnings in creating blended finance raising strategies as well as investment offers that appeal to both commercial and social investors. We also want to create a co-learning space to empower change leaders, funders and other key actors around the topic of social finance.

The goals: Together we will… 

  • Empower funders and social entrepreneurs to develop social funding approaches
  • To structure investment deals for world-changing ideas 
  • To bridge supply and demand for social finance 
  • Mobilize Ashoka´s community for social finance

With this module you can begin a powerful learning journey about impact investment! 


The offer:

What & when.png

We offer two in-depth 2-day online workshops in November 2020 and March 2021 (exact dates will be communicated soon – stay in touch through our newsletter!). The content of these online workshops are identical. 

2 possibilities for an in-depth 2-day HYBRID SOCIAL FINANCE online workshop:

  • First 2-day online workshop: Oct / Nov 2020 (dates tbd)
  • Second 2-day online workshop: Early / mid 2021 (dates tbd) 

The workshops will offer an introduction to social finance as well as a ‘deep dive’ into helping the participants to prepare their investment proposals and pitch and exploring the key steps of raising finance (eg: business model, must have earned income, donation, insights, assess whether it makes sense to raise donation or investment, etc).

Please note that these two workshops will present the same content. We organise two of them to accommodate the needs of the community.

The workshops are offered in Partnership with the Social Finance & ASN Team and FASE.


“Very powerful toolkit to come to a pitch with investors.”
(Participant of the Social Finance Workshop in May 2020)


Who can apply: 

  • Ashoka Fellows and/or their team members (every person has to apply individually through the form above) | Join for free
  • ASN  members (members of the Ashoka Support Network; as advisors and social finance experts, see below) | Join for free
  • Ashoka Staff | Join for free
  • Change Leaders in Education | Join for free
  • Partners of Ashoka | The regular costs of 2.000€ apply (core partners of the Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program join for free)
  • Other interested change leaders or ecosystem partners who are interested in learning more about social finance and getting an overview of the Social Investment Toolkit are also welcome. Places are limited and acceptance is subject to the application process, so apply soon. |The regular costs of 2.000€ per workshop apply

Please check-out this Social Finance Online-Introduction-Seminar prior to your application, to find out if Social Finance is right for you! 

The content for this module is curated for Ashoka Fellows with a limited number of seats for Ashoka Support Network member, Partners and other Change Leaders.

Dear Ashoka Support Network members, Ashoka Partners and other Key Ecosystem Players

  • We would love to welcome up to 15 ASN members, partners or other key ecosystem players who want to join the workshop as advisors and social finance experts that will provide feedback to the Fellows on their strategies for greater social impact – please apply and / or reach out to us, if you have questions!
  • If you are interested in this content for your organization and your stakeholders, please reach out to us, too. We are happy to co-create ways to open this content to you, too. Find out more about your engagement possibilities here. 


Why you should apply:

Participants leave with a deeper understanding of all kinds of possibilities to raise funds and investment. In addition, the online course aims to create a community of peers, investors, advisors and experts to provide support and opportunities to collaborate.

  • For Ashoka Fellows: This is for you, if… 
    • ...you want to scale your business and need new forms of financing to do so. 
    • ...you want to learn more about hybrid finance strategies.
    • ...you want to explore new social funding strategies and analyse your status quo with leading experts of the field. 
    • ...you want to access finance and find out what revenue stream to use in order to scale and unlock system change. 
  • For Ashoka Staff: This is for you, if… 
    • ...you want to feel equipped with knowledge and strategies about Social Finance to best support your Fellows. 
  • For ASNs (members of the Ashoka Support Network): This is for you, if... 
    • ...you would like to learn more about investment possibilities & raise your awareness about Social Finance and Social Entrepreneurship in general.
    • ...you want to connect, network & co-create with leading Social Entrepreneurs in Europe.
    • …you want to support Fellows in raising investment & finance and understand the right tools for it. 
  • For Partners / other change leaders (from the corporate world or foundations): This is for you, if... 
    • …you want to establish strong connections & knowledge about how to unlock finance for social entrepreneurs.
    • ...you want to scale up your impact, aiming for system change. 

“The module was amazing, although it was intense. But the delivery of information was well structured. I learned a lot!”
(Participant of the Social Finance Workshop in May 2020)



  • Ashoka Fellows, their team members: The program is open and participation is free for all Ashoka Fellows.

  • Ashoka Support Network members: Members of the Ashoka Support Network also join for free, subject to a selection process. Find out more about the Ashoka Support Network here.

  • Ashoka Staff: Join for free

  • Core partners of the Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program: Join for free

  • Other Partners and Change Leaders: The cost of the module is €2000. You can require a stipend* for your participation, indicating it in the application form.

*In case you require a travel stipend to participate please indicate in your application and follow the steps provided in the application form. We have limited stipends for participants in need, so please evaluate and request a stipend only if financial reasons hinder your participation.


Meet the module leads

Most workshops are as good as their trainers, right? We are happy to introduce you to 2 of the best (co-)leaders in this area: 

Clem circle.jpg


Clémentine van Hamme: Our dear team member Clémentine, an expert in Social Finance, is offering her Finance knowledge & experience, combined with her insights of leading the fellowship efforts at Ashoka Belgium. 



Mark Cheng circle.png

Mark Cheng: With Mark Cheng, we can introduce you one of the leading experts for Social Finance worldwide. In fact, he has helped to raise over $250mn for social causes. Being one of our global leaders at Ashoka, we are proud that Mark will share his experience and knowledge with you and our community. 


“It was amazing how Mark Cheng linked his finance experience to the social reality. I was impressed!” 
(Feedback from a participant of the Social Finance Workshop in May 2020)


If you have any questions about the Social Finance module, please reach out to Clémentine van Hamme

Apply to the Hybrid Social Finance Workshops of this Module:


Need help to find out if SOCIAL FINANCE is the right thing for you? 

We invite you to check-out this Social Finance Online-Introduction-Seminar
It will provide introductory material to explore raising investment based on the Social Investment Toolkit. It aims to make Fellows understand what it means to raise funds and to have the opportunity to ask specific questions after exploring the Social Investment Toolkit. 

New offer, details coming soon: Series of online seminars

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we will offer a series of practical online seminars on specific topics around social finance (hybrid finance tools, etc.) and an online workshop for impact investors & funders. 
Stay up to date through our Newslettermail!

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