Co-learning for Change Leadership

Creating the space to capture, exchange and develop the skills, methods and mindsets for change leadership in Europe.


The Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program enables a pan-European co-learning space where Ashoka´s community comes together to learn and progress the cutting-edge topics in social entrepreneurship and changemaking. Learning communities can be joined online and offline through physical workshops across the continent on a flexible and modular basis. Social entrepreneurs and stakeholders gain, develop and share know-how on change leadership and take the learnings back into their local and national ecosystems. Topics include system change, replication and transfer, leadership for collective impact, wellbeing and hybrid social finance.



Find out more about the specific Modules we offer:


Co-learning space for change leaders to develop a deeper understanding of their wellbeing needs, acquire practical tools to manage wellbeing, explore these in safe spaces, and to build a trusted community of peers for mutual learning and support.

New Leadership

Co-learning space around leadership for change leaders to reflect, question, innovate, and deepen their ways of leading, organizing, and being that are required for shifting systems and mindsets.​

Social Finance
Social Finance

Co-learning space to empower funders and social entrepreneurs to develop social funding approaches, to structure investment deals for world-changing idea, to bridge supply and demand for social finance and to mobilize Ashoka´s community for social finance.

Replication & Transfer

Co-learning space about transfer and replication models to bring solutions to new regions or countries, existing examples from the Ashoka Network, and issues such as organizational transfer readiness, partner profiles, working together around common challenges and finding “touch points” in target countries.

Systems Change
System Change

Sharing back the insights Ashoka has learned from its Fellows on their most powerful strategies to achieve system change. Participants analyse in depth the system they are aiming to change, define their targeted system change, and explore a wide menu of interventions to scale their impact on the system without necessarily having to grow their organizations.

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