Co-creation: How corporate and social innovators join forces for good?

“Pooling our complementary fields of expertise - traditionally confined to their respective areas of action - to find solutions to current economic,
societal and environmental challenges together - is the aim of the co-creation approach that guides societal innovation at Danone.”  

(Muriel Pénicaud, Danone Directrice Générale des Ressources Humaines)

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What is this module all about? 

The need for cross-sector collaboration: For Ashoka, co-creation is defined as innovative collaboration models, which leverage the complementary strengths of different society stakeholders (civil society and social entrepreneurs, private companies and/or public institutions) based on a win-win framework. ​It is urgent to tear down barriers between the business, the social and the public sectors by introducing new ways of collaboration. Everyone agrees that no single actor can identify and play out the solutions to today's complex challenges alone. The corporate sector plays a major role in the impact across sectors such as health, environment, economic inclusion, among others. At the same time, social innovators take on systems-changing approaches to tackle challenges in these areas, moving with agility and creativity, creating new paradigms and ways of working. These two play a major role in co-creating a better future for everyone. When actors from different sectors co-create, leveraging the complementary strengths of different society’s stakeholders (civil society and social entrepreneurs, private companies and/or public institutions), they unlock innovative collaboration models that accelerate positive impact

The Offer:

You will join a cohort of peers (intrapreneurs and social entrepreneurs) motivated to learn about the main barriers and opportunities of co-creation between business and social innovation. You will learn how to incorporate impact into your daily business. You will learn by doing, alongside a social entrepreneur, to solve complex challenges that are relevant for your business. You will have access to experts in co-creation and cross sectors collaborations. 

  • The co-creation course encompasses 4 sessions of 120 min, every 3 weeks. 
  • The course includes live action learning, guest experts and access to tools to apply to co-creation in your setting. 
  • The course starts in May and will end in July with a presentation to Ashoka’s European community with learnings from course participants.  
  • Weekly online learning materials: Learning materials and exercises for the online course are sent weekly before each group call. 

The course is organized in 4 modules, comprised of 2 hours every 3 weeks: 

Module 1 – the case for co-creation: what are the main opportunities we identify as a group for collaboration across sectors? What does each counterpart bring to the table?  

Module 2 – main barriers: what are the main barriers and challenges for cross sector collaboration? How can we approach them together?  

Module 3 – roadmap for co-creation: what are the concrete steps to the co-creation journey? What tools are available to achieve success? 

Module 4: Explore a concrete co-creation opportunity in practice 

We highly encourage participants to block the online group calls and time to watch the videos and complete the exercises in their calendars ahead of time. 

The online course was created thanks to the collaboration of the Ashoka Corporate Alliances team, Ashoka Executives in Residence team and the Ashoka Changemakers team, as well as, of course, many valuable inputs from Ashoka Fellows and Corporate Partners who have collaborated with Ashoka over the years. 

Application deadline is April 20th. Limited number of participants. To learn more please contact Teresa Seabra Pereira

Module sessions every three weeks from May 7 to July 30 at 1 - 3 p.m. CEST." 

“The only thing more powerful than a new idea in the hands of an entrepreneur is a group of entrepreneurs working together.”

Bill Drayton – Founder of Ashoka 

Who can apply: 

  • Ashoka Fellows and/or their team members (every person has to apply individually through the form above) | Join for free
  • ASNs (members of the Ashoka Support Network) | Join for free
  • Change Leaders in Education | Join for free
  • Partners of Ashoka | The regular costs of 2.000€ apply (core partners of the Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program join for free)
  • Ashoka Staff | Join for free
  • Other interested change leaders | The regular costs of 2.000€ apply

The content of the online course of this module is curated for Ashoka Fellows, but open to other participants (see above) subject to application process.

Dear Ashoka Support Network members, Ashoka Partners and other Key Ecosystem Players: 

  • If you don’t want to join the whole course but would like to join the closing presentations & feedback as advisors and experts – please reach out to us! 
  • If you are interested in this content for your organization and your stakeholders, please reach out to us, too. We are happy to co-create ways to open this content to you, too. Find out more about your engagement possibilities here. 

Application deadline is April 20th. Limited number of participants. For any questions or more information please contact Teresa Seabra Pereira

Why should you participate? 

Are you a corporate intrapreneur, looking for the right tools to co-design innovative cross-sector partnerships with social entrepreneurs? Ever wondered how to move from transactional partnerships to co-creation ones with the social sector? 

Join this course to address the challenges and opportunities of setting up cross-sector collaborations, such as:

  • Finding the right partner,
  • Creating a common language and shared vision, 
  • Finding the organizational culture fit
  • Business buy-in for social impact. 

If you are looking for practical tools and frameworks, want to work on the skillset needed to co-create with social entrepreneurs, join this practical course to experience, alongside a cohort of peers entailing corporate intrapreneurs and social innovators, the roadmap for cross-sector collaboration. 

For corporate entrepreneurs and Ashoka Fellows: This is for you, if… 

  • you are considering building a strategic partnership with another organization. 

  • you are wondering how to select the right partner. 

  • you are wondering what is the best way to set-up a strategic collaboration for co-creation. 

  • you are looking for ways to create a common ground and shared vision across the social and corporate sector. 

  • you are wondering how to overcome challenges, capitalize on your differences and communicate effectively internally and externally about your project. 


  • Ashoka Fellows and/or a team member | Join for free 
  • ASN*s (members of the Ashoka Support Network) | Join for free 
  • Change Leaders in Education | Join for free 
  • Partners of Ashoka | The regular costs of 2.000€ apply (core partners of the Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program join for free, contact us if you would like to become a partner) 
  • Ashoka Staff | Join for free 
  • Other interested change leaders | The regular costs of 2.000€ apply**

*Dear Ashoka Support Network members and Ashoka Partners, if you are interested in this content for your organization and your stakeholders, please reach out to us. We are happy to co-create ways to open this content to you, too. Find out more about your engagement possibilities here

**You can ask for a stipend in the application form. We have limited stipends for participants in need, so please evaluate and request a stipend only if financial reasons hinder your participation. 

Meet the Module Lead


Teresa is part of the Changemakers team, currently the Product Lead for Executives in Residence and pilot program Collaboration Booster, focusing on corporate changemaking. She has a background in Human Centered Design, a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship, with a focus on systems-change and impact evaluation. In 2011, Teresa started her social enterprise working with isolated rural artisan and sustainable production in her home country, Portugal. From there, she collaborated with social entrepreneurs in Portugal, Chile, US, Uganda, Colombia and Mozambique. Previous to Ashoka, she worked the in Mozambique with Girl Move Academy, a Portuguese NGO, piloting a mentoring program for adolescent girls and building an incubation program for Mozambican women.

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