Steelcase, Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program partner, has carried out extensive research on the effects of the pandemic on work environments and practices and have discovered various dimensions of body and space that people can play with to create the right conditions for work. Their results are published in a report called “Global Report: Changing Expectations and the Future of Work”.

“The experience of working from home has varied dramatically based on many factors, including geography, industry, job type and job level. The quality of people’s home work space, their caregiving responsibilities, their ability to block out distractions, their individual work styles and their perspective in general have all impacted how they’ve felt and performed. People who live and work in urban areas, usually with smaller or even shared living spaces, have had different experiences from people in suburban or rural areas."

Overall, in every country, people who were dissatisfied working from home struggled more than others. Organizations can learn from what researchers have discovered about working from home to improve the work experience moving forward. Continue reading the report directly on Steelcase’s website!

The Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program hosted a session as part of our Wellbeing module called: "Being well and working well: Optimizing our home working space" co-created by Ashoka and Steelcase, where Steelcase Workspace Futures Senior Design Researcher and Psychologist, Beatriz Arantez, shared her knowledge and experience with Ashoka Fellows and changemakers around Europe to help them thrive even while working at home.

How is your home-working environment protecting your wellbeing? Here is a checklist from Steelcase that you can take a look at!

For more specific advice on your physical wellbeing you can also check out there other resources:

Special thanks to STEELCASE for collaborating with the Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program. Find out more about the partnership here