Social Finance Webinar with Mark Cheng

As part of our Changemaker Finance Module, we offered a Webinar (held on November 20, 2019) to provide the community with an introduction to Social Finance. The Webinar was led by social finance expert, investor and one of our global leaders at Ashoka: Mark Cheng

What is it all about? Many social entrepreneurs need social investment to grow their businesses, but often don’t know how to raise it. Likewise, investors are looking for the most impactful (social) investment opportunities. This webinar provides you with a quick but effective introduction to Social Finance and it will also help you to figure out what possibilities you have with your social business.Section 1: Introduction to Social Finance & Ashoka

Section 1: Introduction to Social Finance & Ashoka



Section 2: What is Social Finance?



Section 3: What are the possibilities for a successful Social Business Model?



Section 4: What are the financing options available to Social Entrepreneurs? 



Section 5: How do you raise Social Investment?




Section 6: How can Ashoka help you with raising Social Investment?



You want to learn more and dive deep into Changemaker Finance?

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If you have any questions, please reach out to Alex de la Torre who is co-leading this module together with Mark Cheng.