for an Everyone a Changemaker World

Leading Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations for an Everyone a Changemaker World

Driving deep social change most often requires us to work in collaboration with diverse stakeholders on shifting a system together. While such multi-stakeholder collaboration can have a transformational impact on a system, it also comes with its own challenges and requires a specific type of leadership and strategy to be effective.

What is this experience all about? 

Join our online learning journey where we unpack the essential conditions for multi-stakeholder collaboration that we are all missing, to help make our collaborations more effective, equitable and systemic and where we deep dive into the how we can develop this kind of collaboration effectively. Participants leave with the practical tools and mindsights needed to strengthen their own collaboration processes and their collaborative leadership skills. ​

Learning Journey comprises of 2 Phases:

1- Foundations for Collaboration – We share the key frames, mindsets and enabling conditions for collaboration as well as the essential cultural and leadership dynamics, qualities, and actions for collaboration. Learning groups are formed and peer-to-peer learning is initiated through live learning sessions.

2- Deepening your Collaboration Practice – We dive deeper into the resources in presented in Module 1. We explore the key elements of successful collaborations by following the journey of a real-life case study and by diving deep into the key lessons, enabling conditions, patterns, and frameworks that supported their success. We then reflect on how the learnings inform our awareness, intention, and choices as leaders – and where we feel confident or not in working this way. Peer-to-peer learning continues with live-learning sessions and is strengthened by proposed community calls where participants can use the space to address their own collaboration cases and support one another in their respective cases. Participants are co-creators and enhance co-creative capacities of the whole group.

For a complete learning journey, we recommend participating in both phases. Phase 2 complements phase 1 as it is designed to go more in depth into the tools that are first introduced. In certain cases where one is at an early stage in their collaboration journey, phase 1 might suffice to get the basic foundation of entering a collaboration. For those specific cases, there will be the opportunity to choose further continuation in Phase 2 right after Phase 1.

Watch the learning journey's introductory videos!

Course Introduction

Introduction to a Collaborative Approach

The Module Timeline

For each module, one live learning sessions will be hosted, taking place on Tuesdays 3-5pm CET

Phase 1:

Module 1: 24th January - Introduction: what kind of collaboration are we aiming for?

Module 2: 31st January-  Mapping the journey: what are common phases and patterns of collaborations?

Module 3: 7th of February- Culture of Collaboration: how do we enable a strong, inclusive & enduring culture?

Module 4: 14th of February- Collaboration and I: change starts with me, how do I show up in this work?

Phase 2:

Module 5: 14th of March- Finding the north star: how do we find alignment and a powerful shared intent?

Module 6: 4th of April- Building the change system: who do we involve and learn from in the system?

Module 7: 25th of April- Convening the change-network: how do we get the system in the room and make sense of it together?

Module 8: 16th of May- Getting to action: how do we prioritize, prototype, scale, and fund the network’s work?

Who can apply?

  • Ashoka Fellow   
  • Ashoka Fellow Organization Staff Member  
  • Corporate or Institutional Partner of Ashoka   
  • Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership  
  • Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member  
  • Ashoka Young Changemaker  
  • Ashoka Changemaker School  
  • Ashoka Staff  

Why you should apply?

This co-learning journey is for social entrepreneurs and change leaders from any sector who are either driving a multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative for systems change or are planning to do so.

The complete learning journey is for you if you,

  • already convene stakeholders across boundaries and organize networks
  • want to learn about the strategies, processes, insights, and resources available to create successful conditions for even the most complex of collaborations, and apply them directly to your work.
  • want to leave with tools and methodologies to facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborations with alignment, engagement & momentum
  • want to establish strong peer connections and exchange knowledge with other social entrepreneurs and change leaders — also beyond the course.
  • are willing to embark on an intensive learning journey that also includes inner work

You may only choose to take part in Phase 1 if:

  • You are interested in or contemplating starting a collaboration.
  • You want to gain the foundation and acquire key insights on how to enter a collaboration, but do not have a practical application for it yet.
  • You are not ready to dive into depth into the tools for multi-stakeholder collaboration and reflect on them with peers.
  • You are willing to embark on a more compact and intense learning journey


Everyone | We are offering this learning journey (valued at $2K/person), free of costs to all participants who are interested in joining. However, in order to allow us to keep making these offers free, we encourage you to give voluntary donations of any amount to our knowledge development team. 

Testimonials from your peers

The learning journey was so meaningful in helping me change mindsets around collaboration and also gave me very practical frameworks to transform my work dynamic to be more collaborative

Ashoka Fellow

This learning journey was filled with such care and intention. I looked forward to calling in each week to see my cohort. I enjoyed how the videos included the people facilitating the live session. I would recommend this course to anyone who might need a boost when changemaker work might become a...

Ashoka Fellow Staff Member

Perfect learning journey not only for present leaders, but for all, who dare to lead wholeheartedly

Ashoka Hellopreneur  


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