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Advance the ecosystem

We work with key players across sectors to create an enabling environment for social entrepreneurship as a force for systems change. Together we create spaces to exchange knowledge, learn together, and collaborate on solutions that advance the field of social entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurs and changemakers need a supportive ecosystem. We inspire collaborative initiatives with key ecosystem actors to address the burning needs and challenges of the social entrepreneurship and changemaking movements.

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Supporting System Changers 

Intermediaries such as incubators and accelerators embrace system change strategy, changemaking leadership, and wellbeing as a guiding principles in their support programs for social entrepreneurs – transitioning from traditional start-up programs to effective engines for systemic social entrepreneurship.

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Replication & Transfer

Collaborate with like-minded intermediaries in order to strengthen the support ecosystem and accelerate the Replication & Transfer of system-changing solutions across Europe

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Funding System Change

​​​​​​Support and incentivise funders to adopt a system change approach by sharing insights from our community, convening relevant stakeholders, and co-creating relevant initiatives.

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Eldership and Transition

Elder social entrepreneurs have peer-support spaces to address their specific needs and opportunities – especially the emotional, financial, and organisational challenges of transition – and bring them to the attention of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Reframing International Development

The goal is to build a collaboration bridge between Ashoka Africa and Europe and utilize the power of changemaking and social entrepreneurship to reframe international development and influencing key jujitsu partners.

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