Collaborative Changemaking for Systems Change​


Collaborative Changemaking for Systems Change​

Driving deep social change most often requires us to work in collaboration with diverse stakeholders on shifting a system together. While such multi-stakeholder collaboration can have a transformational impact on a system, it also comes with its own challenges and requires a specific type of leadership and strategy to be effective.

What is this experience all about? 

Join our online learning journey where we unpack the essential conditions for multi-stakeholder collaboration that we are all missing, to help make our collaborations more effective, equitable and systemic and where we deep dive into the how we can develop this kind of collaboration effectively. Participants leave with the practical tools and mindsights needed to strengthen their own collaboration processes and their collaborative leadership skills. ​

Learning Journey comprises of 2 Phases:​

1- Foundations for Collaboration – We share the key frames, mindsets and enabling conditions for collaboration as well as the essential cultural and leadership dynamics, qualities, and actions for collaboration. ​

2- Deepening your Collaboration Practice – We will explore the key elements of successful collaborations by following the journey of a real-life case study and by diving deep into the key lessons, enabling conditions, patterns, and frameworks that supported their success. We then reflect on how the learnings inform our awareness, intention, and choices as leaders – and where we feel confident or not in working this way.

The Module Timeline

Phase 1: Jan 16th- Feb 6th | 4 modules (1 weekly 2hr live session per module)​

Phase 2: March 6th – May 22nd | 4 modules (4 live session + 4 community sessions over 3 months)

Why you should apply?

This co-learning journey is for social entrepreneurs and change leaders from any sector who are either driving a multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative for systems change or are planning to do so.

Join this course if you;

· Convene stakeholders across boundaries and organize networks

· Build strong alignment, relationships of trust and connection

· Develop insights into a system and prioritize critical systemic shifts,

· Cocreate systemic interventions

· Use culturally integrative approaches to our collaboration

Who can apply?

  • Ashoka Fellow   
  • Ashoka Fellow Organization Staff Member  
  • Corporate or Institutional Partner of Ashoka   
  • Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership  
  • Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member  
  • Ashoka Young Changemaker  
  • Ashoka Changemaker School  
  • Ashoka Staff  

Testimonials from your peers

We have achieved a lot as an organization for system change through partnerships and collaboration, but this course really opened my eyes to where we had gone wrong in a specific instance, and taught me how we can be more successful, more of the time, as we collaborate for system change. 


We all need to update our notion of how change happens &what collaboration looks like. This course is densely packed with the most powerful tools & insights for collaboration for system change & it is given with utmost generous care.  One of the most value-creating courses I have taken. 

Fellow staff 

The course enables a trusted space to learn, share experiences & provide guidance to each other. Through the course, I had the chance to apply valuable questions that serve my strategy for stakeholder engagement, partnerships management & for co-creating & designing solutions together. 


I realised through the course the importance of collaboration, its different levels and how to embrace the process that is everything but linear. Most importantly, I experienced the course not just as a training but as an inner journey. 

Consultant & Ashoka Volunteer 

The course was so insightful. It has, in a beautiful way, a lot to do with unlearning bad habits not only learning new ones. I have more trust in acting now - I dare to take more risks. 

ASN member 


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