Collaborative changemaking

We foster spaces for collaboration & practice to bring our community together around critical issues, challenges, SDG to co-develop initiatives for greater impact.

The Ashoka Europe Fellowship Program creates spaces for Ashoka’s core community to learn, experience, and practice changemaking.  We bring Ashoka’s community together around critical challenges and co- develop initiatives together to activate more changemakers. We all work together to build a society where every citizen can contribute, participate, and actively engage in social change for the good of all.

We work with key players across sectors to create an enabling environment for changemaking. We inspire collaborative initiatives with key ecosystem actors to address the burning needs and challenges of the social entrepreneurship and changemaking movements. Together we create spaces to exchange knowledge to practice changemaking.

Find out more about our initiatives below:

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Gender Equality

We are on a mission to leverage collaborative impact in the gender field through community building of social change leaders. We partnered with Beiersdorf to tackle gender inequality and invisibility through collective action​. 

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We are gathering our key learnings and future actions together in a knowledge product, bringing forward the key causes of dominance and reliance of medical standard interventions. 

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We aim to accelerate and scale systemic, community-based solutions to conserve and restore biodiversity. We will do this by leveraging the potential of our innovations and weave them together to increase our collective impact. 

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Eldership & Transition

The Elders Council for Social Entrepreneurs is building a global network of social entrepreneurs so that elder members can support one another and also share their wisdom across the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Changemaker Europe

Ashoka’s Changemaker Europe initiative envisions a future where everyone uses their power to drive social change and shape policy.

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