Changemaking Leadership

What is Changemaking Leadership?

Social entrepreneurs and young changemakers organize as networks and communities to mobilize ecosystems for change by creating the conditions for anyone to be changemakers at all levels. Changemaking Leadership is a way of organising and operating that ignites the changemaker potential for everyone. It manifests in diverse networks and communities that are collectively mobilizing ecosystems for change.

The Invitation

We see that to solve the complex challenges ahead of us – from climate change, to racial and gender inequity, and more - we need to build on the leadership and changemaking power that exists within each and every one of us. We are launching this invite-only initiative, as we seek to bring us closer to relevant, practical and high-quality learning and support.  

INSPIRE: We plan to convene Action Learning Hubs -- a series of dialogues among practitioners -- where people, stories and projects interact, intersect, and test assumptions to learn the cutting-edge lessons on what it takes to put changemaking leadership into practice.  

PEER LEARNING: We then use the session for the community to connect with each other and surface their questions and challenges around changemaking leadership to help us enhance or develop our own structures towards enhancing the leadership and agency of others. 

We aim to share our approach to leadership with other supporters of the global social entrepreneurship movement and thereby spark discussions and deeper exchange on the subject.

“The best thing to do is to write together the next chapter of this new normal and we have to work with others because we should be betting on collaboration instead of competition.” (1).png

Meet The Team