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Changemaker Finance

If we want to envision and drive deep transformations, a cultural shift needs to happen within the social innovation ecosystem. Shifts in practices and mindsets, from both social entrepreneurs and funders, will be determinant for this cultural shift to happen.

What is this experience all about? 

In our 4th edition, we aim to activate Ashoka’s community to collectively explore how new funding practices can support social entrepreneurs in creating an Everyone a Changemaker world. Through these conversations, we will equip our community with critical knowledge and tools about funding systems change, and provide a space for everyone to understand how to navigate and make the most of the offerings provided by Ashoka & partners.

Built on the insights and learnings surfaced by Ashoka over the past years, and partnering with leading organizations in the field, this webinar series will engage participants in a generative conversation about what it takes to:

  • Address challenges in a profoundly systemic way
  • Adopt practices and mindsets that allow for systems change-enabling funding approaches

Changemaker Finance Talks: A space where changemakers and funders can share insights and learnings in eye-level conversations about what it takes to adopt collaborative, inclusive and systemic mindsets and practices to both drive and fund deep, transformational change.

Module Timeline

Coming soon...

    Who Can Apply?

    • Ashoka Fellow
    • Ashoka Fellow staff member
    • Corporate or Institutional Partner of Ashoka
    • Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member
    • Part of an affiliated Ashoka Program or Partnership
    • Ashoka Staff
    • Intermediaries (policymakers, incubators/accelerators, consultants)​ 

    Why You Should Apply?

    These online live sessions will serve as an entry point to existing opportunities curated by Ashoka and its partners to deep dive into several of the topics. From these conversations might emerge the willingness to further the conversation: communities of practice will be offered to the participants. 

    Meet the Module Lead

    We are happy to introduce you to one of the best leaders in this area: 

    If you have any questions about the Changemaker Finance module, please reach out to Alex de la Torre


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