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“It was amazing how Mark Cheng linked his finance experience to the social reality. I was impressed!” 

(Feedback from a participant of the Changemaker Finance Module in May 2020)

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What is this module all about? 

We invite you to join the 3rd edition of our Changemaker Finance module!

To scale up their impact, social entrepreneurs require access to affordable finance. They must learn how to navigate hybrid financing approaches in order to unlock untapped sources of funding. This module about empowering social entrepreneurs to re-think and develop current and new funding strategies.

During our long experience working with more than 100 social entrepreneurs, we have observed both their challenges and their success stories when it comes to raising social finance. We want to share with you all our best insights and learnings in creating blended financing strategies as well as investment offers that appeal to both commercial and social investors.

We also want to create a co-learning space to empower social entrepreneurs, funders and other key actors around the topic of social finance.

Module Timeline

The time requirement for this course is 6-10 hours per week. This includes 60 min peer-to-peer session every week and weekly assignments & pre-recorded videos. 

Weekly live sessions Mondays & Wednesdays, 9- 10.30 a.m. CET starting January 31st, 2022 

Deep dive sessions Fridays, 9- 10 a.m. CET

The live course “Financing Your Impact” is offered in partnership with the Social Innovation Circle.

What Will You Learn?

  • Strategies to unlock untapped sources of funding
  • Building a unique financing strategy
  • The key metrics to present to Investors and funders
  • Who funders are and how to find them?

The live course also includes a 1:1 coaching with Mark Cheng, Managing Partner of the Social Innovation Circle to the Ashoka Fellows completing the live course.

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Who Can Apply?

Please check-out this Social Finance Online Introduction Seminar prior to your application, to find out if social finance is right for you! 

  • Ashoka Fellows (together with one staff member)
  • Ashoka Support Network (ASN) Members* 
  • Ashoka Staff 
  • Corporate or Instutional Partners of Ashoka 

The content for this module is curated for up to 15 Ashoka Fellows organisations with a limited number of seats for Ashoka Support Network member, Partners and other Change Leaders.

Dear Ashoka Support Network members, Ashoka Partners and other Key Ecosystem Players:

We would be happy to welcome a few ASN members, partners or other key ecosystem players who are interested in the content and want to join the live course as observers – please apply and / or reach out to us, if you have questions!

If you are interested in this content for your organization and your stakeholders, please reach out to us, too. We are happy to co-create ways to open this content to you, too. Find out more about your engagement possibilities here. 

Why You Should Apply?

Participants leave with a deeper understanding of all kinds of possibilities to raise funds and investment. In addition, the online course aims to create a community of peers, investors, advisors and experts to provide support and opportunities to collaborate. 

Ashoka Fellows together with one staff member (up to 15 organisations)This module is for you, if you want to;

  • scale your social venture and need new forms of financing to do so.
  • explore new social funding strategies and analyse your status quo with leading experts of the field.
  • learn more about hybrid finance strategies.

Ashoka Support Network (ASN) members (limited seats): This module is for you if you want to;

  • learn more about investment possibilities and raise your awareness about social finance and social entrepreneurship in general.
  • connect, network and co-create with leading social entrepreneurs.
  • to support Ashoka Fellows in raising finance and understand the right tools for it.

Ashoka Partners, other change leaders (from the corporate world or foundations) (limited seats): This module is for you, if you want to;

  • establish connections and gain knowledge in the field of social finance
  • connect, network & co-create with leading social entrepreneurs.

Ashoka Staff (limited seats)This module is for you, if you want to;

  • feel equipped with knowledge and strategies about social finance to best support your Ashoka Fellows.


Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Fellow team members, Ashoka Support Network (ASN) member, Ashoka Staff  | Join for free

Corporate or Institutional Partners of Ashoka |  Join for free

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Meet the Module Leads

We are happy to introduce you to 2 of the best (co-) leaders in this area: 

This course is created with the partnership of Social Innovation Circle.

Social innovation circle

If you have any questions about the Changemaker Finance module, please reach out to Alex de la Torre