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The Ashoka Visionary Program

The course was an eye-opening experience that helped me become a true leader and a better systems entrepreneur thanks to its creative toolbox from the whole spectrum of Ashoka's expertise, the inspiring presence of Ashoka Fellows and especially the community of peers from all around the world

(Feedback from former participant of the Ashoka Visionary Program)

What is this module all about? 

Are you a decision maker, a leading changemaker, a professional disruptor of the status quo? Are you looking for all the tools (and a community of peers!) to help you lead teams to the highest impact possible and create systems-changing social innovations for the good of all? Then Ashoka’s pioneering leadership program is for you!  

The Ashoka Visionary Program is a pioneering, part-time leadership program for social entrepreneurs, as well as professionals and leaders from business, NGOs, philanthropic and public sectors from all over the world. Are you a pioneering executive and want to be equipped with the know-how and skills to solve societal problems in an entrepreneurial way?  

The cohort-based program offers a comprehensive learning package around social entrepreneurship, a one-of-a-kind global network, and a transformational journey with peers to remember. If you join, you will be part of group of 30 diverse social leaders, all gathered under one roof for an a 9-month transformational learning journey! 

Embark on a transformational learning journey and learn how ground-breaking social entrepreneurs are creating a better world. Through the Ashoka Visionary Program, we are giving our participants from all sectors exclusive access to Ashoka's unique know-how/experience, tool kits and global networks of social entrepreneurs, changemakers and partners.  

Module Timeline

The next program will be taking place in Vienna this year! And the best thing: it’s happening offline, with a fixed group of participants, embarking on the journey together in the centre of Europe.

The program modules will feature Ashoka Fellows, other world-class social entrepreneurs and academic experts from October 2022 to June 2023:  

Module 1 - Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation: (20-22/10/2022) 

Module 2 – Impact & Social Business Modeling: (02-03/12/2022) 

Module 3 – Funding & Scaling Social Innovation: (27-28/01/2023) 

Module 4 – New Leadership: (03-04/03/2023) 

Module 5 – System Change: (21-22/04/2023) 

Module 6 - Partnerships & Co-Creation: (12-13/05/2023) 

Module 7 – The Art of Storytelling & Marketing: (23-24/06/2023) 

Visionary Program Timeline

Who Can Apply?

Executives and leaders of change from all sectors accelerating social impact initiatives in their environment. Pioneers striving for new careers, business and social impact pathways in society. 

Our participants include:  

  • Ashoka Fellows and co-leaders of their initiatives 
  • Ashoka Support Network Members (ASNs) 
  • Ashoka Young Changemakers 
  • Current and future social entrepreneurs
  • Leaders of the corporate world and the public sector, civil society/large NGOs, foundations and impact investors 
  • Highly motivated professionals (from all backgrounds) in transformation/transition  

Our ideal candidates have: 

  • A track record of innovative solutions and successful implementation  
  • Strong social and emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and ability to lead 
  • A positive attitude and an open mindset 
  • Proven, excellent problem-solving capabilities and persistence in implementing ideas 

And they fulfil three minimum requirements: the desire to become a thought leader and changemaker, 5 years of work experience and good English skills.  

Why You Should Apply?

  • Bring your changemaking and responsible leadership skills to the next level. Dive into social entrepreneurship on a global scale and learn everything you need to know about the topic to implement your ideas. Expect hands-on, interactive learnings on everything from social innovation to the art of storytelling from the whole spectrum of Ashoka's expertise. 
  • Reflect on your changemaker journey and strengthen your commitment to impact and system change. Get the motivation and purpose you need to act. 
  • Or even start (co-)creating your own innovative social entre- or intrapreneurial initiative? Implement your learnings into practice right away by supporting a social entrepreneur or developing your own social enterprise. 
  • Learn from expert speakers and other participants from all over the world and receive the key essence of the experiences of the top-notch practitioners who have led their own way. Exchange experiences with like-minded changemakers from diverse sectors and coming up with new ideas together. 
  • Become part of the Ashoka Alumni Network, a supportive community of peers within the social entrepreneurship scene with new friendships and opportunities for partnerships. 

Participants leave with a deeper understanding of, and refined focus on, systems change. They know how to apply relevant tools and frameworks with their teams and stakeholders. In addition, the online course aims to create a community of peers to provide support and opportunities to collaborate.


Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Fellow team members, Ashoka Young Changemakers | Join for free

The Viennese edition of the program costs 10,000 € (excl. VAT), when applying early till end of April the special bird offer applies, saving you 1,000€.

We offer three different types of stipends:

  • 2,500€ for people in transformation,
  • 5,000€ for representatives of NGOs/foundations/public institutions and
  • 7,500€ for social entrepreneurs to allow those who can’t afford the full price to attend the program!

The Ashoka Visionary Program team screens all the applications on a rolling basis and informs candidates if they are eligible.

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 If you have questions please reach out to The Visionary Program team

Participant Testimonials

One of my key takeaways was that to become a true leader and a changemaker you should open your eyes and senses to learn, get inspired, communicate, appreciate diversity and keep going. I got to know people from different countries across the Mediterranean and was out of my comfort zone with...

Amira Saber
Member of the Egyptian Parliament & VP alumna

Having participated in the Ashoka Visionary Program has helped me and keeps on helping me become a better systems entrepreneur. It also gave me the chance to meet a community of peers with which I will keep on creating and growing for the rest of my career.

Valeria Duflot
Co-founder of Venezia Autentica (Italy) & VP alumna
Fellow icon.png

After working locally in Uganda, I was suddenly part of a global network of alumni, amazing visionaries who helped me to look at my work differently. The program allowed us to build beyond what we thought was possible.

Abubaker Musuuza
Co-Founder of Flip Africa (Uganda)& Ashoka Fellow & VP alumnus
Fellow icon_triangle.png

At that time, I was thinking about scaling the impact that has proven to be successful in Switzerland globally. And the program was the perfect match to support me in this endeavour. There was this notion of connecting to like-minded, forward-thinking people who have similar values, and well, it has...

Michael Lorz
Managing Director at EnableMe Foundation (Switzerland) & VP alumnus

Please click here to meet with the the Ashoka Visionary Program Team and its Experts 



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